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I’ve always enjoyed quotes. They’ve inspired me, encouraged me and often evoked a particular emotion or feeling. I find beauty and intrigue in the simplicity of their ability to capture my attention in just a simple phrase. Quotes tell a story. They are a verbal or written snapshot of a specific moment of time that can’t be redone or duplicated and yet when quoted have the ability to bring about those same emotions as when it first took place.

Photography is a vessel that allows me the privilege of capturing the moments that tell your story, a history, a personal unique and individual time that can’t be repeated or reproduced. My hope is that the story told in your photographs will allow you in years from now to share the original feelings your special day evoked with a world that otherwise wouldn’t have been able to experience it, feelings of pure joy, excitement, anticipation, pleasure, friendship and of love.

There is a story waiting to be told between each set of quotations and since pictures speaks a thousand words... let's give the world your stories.

I hope you enjoy the blog and seeing my work in a little more detail!

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I was loving the black and whites from this session, I don’t think I’ve ever done and all B&W post before! Love this family! Gav man was just learning to walk and wanted to be on the go, such a wonderful stage when you’re bent at 90 degrees walking them around on their adventures!

These two little guys had SO much spunk and personality. I loved hanging out with them and watching boys be boys as they took me on an adventure through their stompin ground.


It feels like just yesterday I’d purchased my new big girl camera and was squealing with delight at my upcoming wedding… their wedding. And now look, two kids later and i got to spend some time with them again 🙂

I was super excited to spend some more time with Adalyn and her family. She rocked her cake smash and I couldn’t wait to get out again with her mom and dad. It was a beautiful day and we couldn’t have asked for better weather!

It was one chilly morning when we’d decided to do these photos. Thankfully Heather knew of this little tropical oasis we could head to so we could all stay warm. I wasn’t too sure what to expect when she said she had an atrium we could use ( indoor locations on a holiday are a tough find) but this space worked out perfectly. These photos make me feel like we aren’t currently in January with snow!


When Jairo and Dianne asked me to do some family photos I was over the moon excited. We used to work together at Samaritans Purse and it had been years since I’d seen them and I couldn’t wait to catch up. All Dianne wanted was a beautiful winter setting and we got just that, the day was perfect!

It’s been a chilly one that’s for sure! Typical Calgary its a decent temperature and then bam freezing and then this weekend it’s going to be TWELVE degrees again??? Despite the recent cold that has settled in, this winter has been absolutely beautiful and I’ve so enjoyed braving the cold with so many wonderful families, and this one was a blast! There were some snowballs thrown and broken fence posts (Mom wanted to re create a photo from when they were younger and the post they were sitting on may have snapped…. I may have taken a little longer getting the shot as well so I could capture their reaction to it haha – don’t worry they were safe!)

IMG_1430-copy IMG_1335-copy IMG_1358-copy IMG_1356-copy IMG_1380-copy IMG_1392-copy IMG_1474-copy IMG_1484-copy IMG_1295-copy IMG_1499b IMG_1453-copyUntitled-1bh IMG_1410-copy IMG_1470-copy IMG_1517-copy IMG_1290-copy

To say it was chilly is a bit of an understatement! It was the first cold snap of the season (although compared to today I’m sure it would feel quite warm) I love when people are still up to braving the weather, despite the crisp air it was a beautiful morning. Mom and I were both SO excited about all the snow and there was a lot of it – it adds such a magical feeling. IMG_0915-copy IMG_0926-copy IMG_0930-copy IMG_0936-copy IMG_0949-copy IMG_0954-copy IMG_0957 IMG_0978-copy IMG_0984-copy IMG_1020-copy IMG_1026-copy IMG_1029b IMG_1086-copy IMG_1066-copy IMG_1101-copy

It’s always a pleasure hanging out with this beautiful family! I had the pleasure of standing up with Natashia and Eric on their wedding day and being walked down the isle with the two other R brothers. Since then, it’s been wonderful watching their families grow and change over the years. Thanks so much for inviting me back to capture your growing family!!

IMG_6531-copy IMG_6556-copy IMG_6560-copy IMG_6566-copy IMG_6575-copy IMG_6593-copy IMG_6604-copy IMG_6626-copy IMG_6671-copy IMG_6682-copy IMG_6693-copy IMG_6716-copy IMG_6736-copy IMG_6745-copy IMG_6755-copy IMG_6779-copy IMG_6792-copy IMG_6803-copy IMG_6820-copy IMG_6835-copy IMG_6858-copy IMG_6871-copy IMG_6878-copy IMG_6896-copy

It was one of those days I wasn’t sure if I was still going to be doing session or if we’d have to reschedule, with kids ages one through four I thought for sure the cold fall (felt like winter) day was going to be a deterrent. It’s funny how the first cold day of the season has us in parkas and by the end of winter, a day the same temperature, will have people sporting shorts haha! Ok, maybe not quite… it was pretty chilly. Much to my excitement everyone was still game! Grandma later said that they had a whole family day planned and this was just the start, they were so excited to all just be together so there was no way it was going to be canceled. You could tell from the moment they showed up they were ready to battle the cold and snuggle close. I don’t know how many times I’ve been asked “how did you get them to smile like that??” for the first photo below, let me tell you it was all them! All I did was ask them to look at each other. It was a beautiful morning and it was such a joy to spend some time with them!

IMG_4749s IMG_5068-copy IMG_5012-copy IMG_5057-copy IMG_5102-copy IMG_5078-copy IMG_4855-copy IMG_4916-copy IMG_4922-copy IMG_4948-copy IMG_4831-copy IMG_4818-copy IMG_4805-copy IMG_4987-copy IMG_4788-copy IMG_4636-copy IMG_4649-copy IMG_4663-copy IMG_4780-copy IMG_4714-copy IMG_4728-copy IMG_4625-copy IMG_4584-copy IMG_4561-copy IMG_4540-copy IMG_4514-copy IMG_4440-copy IMG_4457-copy IMG_4466-copy IMG_4473-copy IMG_4496-copy IMG_4530-copy