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I’ve always enjoyed quotes. They’ve inspired me, encouraged me and often evoked a particular emotion or feeling. I find beauty and intrigue in the simplicity of their ability to capture my attention in just a simple phrase. Quotes tell a story. They are a verbal or written snapshot of a specific moment of time that can’t be redone or duplicated and yet when quoted have the ability to bring about those same emotions as when it first took place.

Photography is a vessel that allows me the privilege of capturing the moments that tell your story, a history, a personal unique and individual time that can’t be repeated or reproduced. My hope is that the story told in your photographs will allow you in years from now to share the original feelings your special day evoked with a world that otherwise wouldn’t have been able to experience it, feelings of pure joy, excitement, anticipation, pleasure, friendship and of love.

There is a story waiting to be told between each set of quotations and since pictures speaks a thousand words... let's give the world your stories.

I hope you enjoy the blog and seeing my work in a little more detail!

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The colors this year were on point! It was the most perfect evening with these two and I loved being able to be a part of updating their photos (which hadn’t been done since their wedding) Meghan and I met a few years ago through work… as some of you know it takes me a while to warm up to people in the office, I know, I’m weird. Meghan was determined and didn’t give up on me and I’m sure glad she didn’t haha. She is one of the sweetest most genuine people I have ever met and my life is better with having her in it. I’m sad we don’t get to work together any more but look forward to our coffee dates, dinners in and watching call the midwife 🙂

Eleisha and Josh snuck away for a few days to Banff where they snuggled by a roof top fire for their intimate “i do’s” it was a beautiful ceremony with no one other than their Pastor and his wife (and three guys chilling in the hot tub who cheered loudly when they kissed) It was beautiful and perfect and they skyped in their kids so they wouldn’t miss it – I can’t imagine the emotion they were feeling as they said their vows and got ready to start their new life as Mr. and Mrs.

It was a wonderful afternoon and I quite enjoyed my time driving aroung the mountians after the ceremony. Huge congrats you two!

IMG_7258-copy IMG_7285-copy IMG_7317-copy IMG_7329-copy IMG_7331-copy IMG_7350-copy IMG_7393-copy IMG_7409-copy IMG_7424-copy IMG_7429-copy IMG_7466-copy IMG_7476-copy IMG_7486-copy IMG_7500-copy IMG_7530-copy IMG_7551-copy IMG_7559-copy IMG_7562-copy IMG_7588-copy IMG_7589-copy IMG_7607-copy IMG_7634-copy IMG_7716-copy IMG_7729-copy IMG_7648-copy IMG_7748-copy IMG_7757-copy IMG_7807-copy IMG_7813-copy IMG_7868-copy IMG_7820-copy IMG_7846.

After taking a break from photographing weddings, it was an absolute joy to spend the day with Kim and Nathan! I’ve known Nathan for years and when I found out he’d gotten engaged and then later asked if I could capture the day I was beyond excited! The wedding took place Thanksgiving Sunday, after a grey snowy mess of a day on Saturday everyone was thrilled to see some blue skies on Sunday. By the time we headed out for the formal photos the fog had rolled in and the wind picked up and it was COLD! The guys and gals took turns warming up in the limo while I snapped away, you’d never know it though… everyone was such troopers!

Thanks Nathan and Kim for having me be a part of your magical day!

IMG_5134-copy IMG_5151-copy IMG_5202-copy IMG_5356 IMG_5359 IMG_5296-copy IMG_5402 IMG_5410 IMG_5444 IMG_5457 IMG_5556-copy IMG_5564-copy IMG_5568-copy IMG_5580-copy IMG_5601-copy IMG_5640-copy IMG_5651-copy IMG_5664-copy IMG_5707-copy IMG_5778-copy IMG_5873-copy IMG_5875-copy IMG_5879-copy IMG_5882-copy IMG_5947-copy IMG_5985-copy IMG_6013-copy IMG_6077 IMG_6023 IMG_6040-copy IMG_6101 IMG_6112-copy IMG_6121-copy IMG_6127-copy IMG_6129-copy IMG_6132-copy IMG_6134-copy IMG_6137-copy IMG_6141-copy IMG_6146-copy IMG_6159-copy IMG_6150-copy IMG_6163-copy IMG_6199-copy IMG_6204-copy IMG_6216-copy IMG_6214-copy IMG_6223-copy IMG_6231-copy IMG_6258-copy IMG_6274-copy IMG_6327-copy IMG_6337-copyIMG_6283-copy IMG_6424-copy

A couple weeks ago I had the honor and privileged of standing up with these two as they tied the knot. It was the most beautiful ceremony ever, filled with so much love and so many unique and personal touches.

Kathryn is a dear friend and I, of course, couldn’t let the engagement go by without taking them out to do a shoot.  We headed out with Cooper on a beautiful evening and pretty much just hung out – it was a great night and I loved being a part of this time in their journey together.

Love you both!!

IMG_7718 IMG_7725-copy IMG_7562-copy IMG_7687 IMG_7703-copy IMG_7711-copy IMG_7742-copy IMG_7716-copy IMG_7759-copy IMG_7784-copy IMG_7778-copy IMG_7795-copy IMG_7823-copy IMG_7806-copy IMG_7810-copy IMG_7817-copy IMG_7853-copy IMG_7856-copy IMG_7858-copy IMG_7864-copy IMG_7876-copy IMG_7937-copy IMG_7944-copy IMG_7963-copy IMG_8050-copy IMG_8060-copy IMG_8075 IMG_8093-copy

EEEK so this is super exciting!!! My brother in law is ENGAGED!!!!! A couple weekends ago we headed out to Radium for our annual family camping trip and they asked if I’d “snap a few photos” for their invitations. Little did they know how excited I’d be and I ended dragging them out two nights in a row and took way longer than “oh it’ll just be 30 min” OOPS!!! They for sure ended up with a few more than a couple snap shots haha and it was a lot of fun checking out a new area. It was really smokey  and a storm blew in crazy fast but we managed to get it done!

I am so excited for these two. They are such a sweet couple and Rachelle is PERFECT! I can’t wait to have another sister and I think she is a wonderful addition to the family… Justin, you chose well!!

They also said they weren’t that photogenic, but I think they were lying, they were PROS and made my job easy.


Justin&Rachelle01 Justin&Rachelle02 Justin&Rachelle04 Justin&Rachelle03 Justin&Rachelle05 Justin&Rachelle06 Justin&Rachelle07 Justin&Rachelle11 Justin&Rachelle12 Justin&Rachelle20 Justin&Rachelle15 Justin&Rachelle16 Justin&Rachelle17 Justin&Rachelle10 Justin&Rachelle19 Justin&Rachelle08 Justin&Rachelle21 Justin&Rachelle18

After having to cancel the first go around due to a rain storm we were able to head out a few days later and had great success. It was a beautiful evening and I couldn’t have asked for a better couple to gallivant around High River with, Bryan and Geordina were SO photogenic and the night was perfect.  There were so many amazing locations and I could have shot them for hours more. You know that look where the couple goes in for a kiss and they just about kiss but not quite kiss … well they NAILED that! Seriously… usually it is so hard to get that shot as the couple goes in for a slow motion kiss, but these two… they were pros! haha

See… LOOK AT THEM! I need to make a tutorial video.Bryan&Geordina17

But in all seriousness, they were gems and I was absolutely honored to be able to capture their engagement. They sure made my job easy! Congrats you two love birds. I hope you love the photos as much as I loved spending the evening with you.

Bryan&Geordina Bryan&Geordina01 Bryan&Geordina02 Bryan&Geordina03 Bryan&Geordina04 Bryan&Geordina05 Bryan&Geordina06 Bryan&Geordina07 Bryan&Geordina08 Bryan&Geordina09 Bryan&Geordina10 Bryan&Geordina11 Bryan&Geordina12 Bryan&Geordina13 Bryan&Geordina14 Bryan&Geordina15 Bryan&Geordina16

I don’t even know where to begin with this post! Kyla and I very randomly met a few years ago and continued to see each other at a number of events through a mutual friend. It wasn’t until she mentioned she was going to Thailand for a month (to which I said I’d love to go some day … not expecting her to invite me) that our friendship changed.  See, we really didn’t know each other all by this point so when she invited me I thought she was just being nice and she thought I just said yes to be nice…. ‘casue that’s what people do I guess! Haha. Little did she know I legit REALLY wanted to go and little did I know it had been an actual genuine invitation. So after a week or so of “checking” to make sure it was ok, I booked my trip. And off we were, two gals who’d really just met, for an epic adventure in Thailand.

Since then we’ve been best of friends. Kyla Lives on a farm outside the city so I often found myself heading out there for mini weekend retreats and quickly became ‘adopted’ by her mom and dad as well. Her home became my home away from home and I couldn’t wait to share it with my my now husband Josh as well. His first trip out with me was to meet Kyla’s new beau Dan, I was ecstatic! I’d heard SO much about this ‘Officer Yummy’ I couldn’t wait to meet him (and Josh was happy to have a guy there too) Everyone hit it off great and we’ve continued our weekend retreats ever since!

It’s been wonderful watching Kyla and Dan’s relationship grow, and entertaining at times since Dan and I and then Josh and Kyla are the same people! (Which really helps when I don’t get Josh or Kyla doesn’t get Dan… it’s perfect!) I was just thrilled when Dan asked Kyla to marry him and was so excited when both Josh and I were asked to be a part of the bridal party! I can’t wait to stand up beside Kyla next July!

So…. here’s to you Kyla and Dan! Congrats on your engagement, I had such a wonderful time capturing these photos for you – I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Kyla&Dan07 Kyla&Dan01 Kyla&Dan01 Kyla&Dan04 Kyla&Dan20 Kyla&Dan02 Kyla&Dan08 Kyla&Dan05 Kyla&Dan11 Kyla&Dan06 Kyla&Dan05 Kyla&Dan14 Kyla&Dan10 Kyla & Dan Kyla&Dan23