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I’ve always enjoyed quotes. They’ve inspired me, encouraged me and often evoked a particular emotion or feeling. I find beauty and intrigue in the simplicity of their ability to capture my attention in just a simple phrase. Quotes tell a story. They are a verbal or written snapshot of a specific moment of time that can’t be redone or duplicated and yet when quoted have the ability to bring about those same emotions as when it first took place.

Photography is a vessel that allows me the privilege of capturing the moments that tell your story, a history, a personal unique and individual time that can’t be repeated or reproduced. My hope is that the story told in your photographs will allow you in years from now to share the original feelings your special day evoked with a world that otherwise wouldn’t have been able to experience it, feelings of pure joy, excitement, anticipation, pleasure, friendship and of love.

There is a story waiting to be told between each set of quotations and since pictures speaks a thousand words... let's give the world your stories.

I hope you enjoy the blog and seeing my work in a little more detail!

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Being a mom is one of the greatest joys. I was beyond excited to head out for this mom and me mini – to capture their joy together. So often as a mom we are the ones behind the camera, capture the moments of our kids together, with our spouse or with others so to be able to capture these two together and really focus on mom and her quickly growing little man was such a delight.

I really don’t know where time goes and I feel like its gone that much faster since Kennedy’s been here. How is Breslyn three in a few weeks and my newborn is only months away from being one? Slow down time… I’m not ready for them to grow up just yet!

This little man has turned TWO! It was great once again hanging out with this beautiful family as they celebrated his birthday. Ethan was fast and on the move! Mom is expecting baby number two so we trailed behind as the boys ran ahead.

Milo… no words. This little man was just the sweetest, I seriously wanted to squeeze him! His smile lit up the room and I couldn’t get over the poppin shirt buttons haha. I was absolutely honored that Mom and Dad asked me to take some photos in celebration of his adoption.

When it comes to day-homes I wish there was an award (or two or three or four) that I could give to Kara. To say she is absolutely amazing doesn’t come close to putting into words how great she is with each of these kids.

Deciding to go back to work wasn’t easy. My mom was a stay at home Mom who also did daycare out of her home so there were some pretty big shoes to fill when it came to deciding where to send Breslyn. My Mom went above and beyond when it came to taking care of the kids, she set some pretty high expectations and I doubted I’d find someone even close to providing the level of care that she did … I was wrong. Kara is that person! She is simply spectacular and I couldn’t imagine Breslyn spending her days with anyone other than her and this crazy bunch of kids.

Anyway… Kara wanted to so something special at Christmas, she put on a delicious dinner for all the families and we headed into the studio for a photo shoot. The summer one didn’t go so well so we thought cookies would be a slam dunk – nope. It was for two of them, but the other two were not having it (one of which was mine) haha Kids! It made for a good laugh and some pretty cute photos that’s for sure!

IMG_1130-copy IMG_1124-copy IMG_1133-copy IMG_1107-copy IMG_1159-copy IMG_1164-copy IMG_1168-copy IMG_1189-copy IMG_1197-copy IMG_1206-copy IMG_1213-copy IMG_1215-copy IMG_1216-copy IMG_1218-copy IMG_1221 IMG_1233-copy IMG_1236-copy IMG_1242-copy IMG_1254-copy IMG_1257-copy IMG_1282-copy

When Sara asked if I could take some Christmas photos of Rosie I was so excited, I also couldn’t believe she was EIGHT months old already! I couldn’t believe it had been that long since her newborn photos… 2016 was moving SO fast!

Rosie was adorable and I had a lot of fun finding some decorations for the shoot. I think next year I’m going to have to start offering some different themed mini sessions though out the year!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a great start to 2017 so far!

IMG_0137 IMG_0149-copy IMG_0158-copy IMG_0174-copy IMG_0212-copy IMG_0220-copy IMG_0293-copy IMG_0294-copy IMG_0313-copy IMG_0331-copy IMG_0339-copy

These two were just the cutest in their matching sweaters, they weren’t overly impressed about getting their photos taken but we managed to get a few smiles! I couldn’t believe how composed and absolutely beautifully photogenic mom stayed through all the tears – I couldn’t have done it! They were some of my favorite photos though, and usually I only included one or two but this time I thought they were way two sweet to not send them in the gallery. Mom loved them, and she said she might even make a collage for their home of the meltdowns haha.

IMG_9806-copy IMG_9788-copy IMG_9768-copy IMG_9800-copy IMG_9818-copy IMG_9820-copy  IMG_9871-copy IMG_9884-copy IMG_9896-copy IMG_9929-copy IMG_9839-copyUntitled-1cdfdsf

It’s hard to believe my baby girl has turned two! It seems like just yesterday we were snuggling this tiny little baby in our arms, everyone said it would go by quick…. but I don’t think I realized just how fast time would go by.

It’s been a whirlwind two years with lots of ups and downs (as I try and write this she is pulling my hair and laughing… and laughs even more when I flick her hand and say no. Some days…. I tell ya)

Despite this beat up your mom phase, she’s our cheeky, spunky, helpful, compassionate, loving and fearless little girl and I wouldn’t change a thing about her. Every day she amazes me and reminds me to take moments to soak the world in and to see life through her eyes.

She has been loving the most random things these days, Cinderella, trucks, penguins, puzzles, cleaning, and painting. A few days don’t go by without her asking to paint, so there wasn’t a more perfect thing for us to do to celebrate than with a painting photo session! She LOVED it and could have sat there all morning painting away. I can’t get over how grown up she looks and how much of her little personality came out during the painting, she was very proud of her finished masterpiece.

Happy Birthday Love Bug!

IMG_8623-copy IMG_8624-copy IMG_8640-copy IMG_8654-copy IMG_8642-copy IMG_8657-copy IMG_8672-copy IMG_8675-copy IMG_8689-copy IMG_8702-copy IMG_8703-copy IMG_8766-copy IMG_8708-copy IMG_8759-copy IMG_8734-copy Untitled-1 IMG_8791-copy IMG_8724-copy IMG_8787-copy

The kids are growing up way too fast!! This is Sawyer and it’s hard to believe almost TWO years ago now Jenn and I had brand new babies around the same time.  Sawyer did awesome for the photos…. and then he discovered the park. It was a good thing we were done with the family ones and were able to get a few there after because there was no way Mom and Dad were going to easily get him away from the park haha

IMG_9086-copy IMG_9098-copy IMG_9103-copy IMG_9108-copy IMG_9116-copy IMG_9156-copy IMG_9164-copy IMG_9174-copy IMG_9183-copy IMG_9195-copy IMG_9200-copy IMG_9214-copy IMG_9216-copy IMG_9254-copy IMG_9258-copy IMG_9280-copy IMG_9309-copy IMG_9371-copy IMG_9376-copy

With all the photos I’ve been doing of everyone else lately we figured it was about time we took Breslyn out to do a couple of her! Thankfully the rain stayed away but with only an hours nap she wasn’t the most cooperative! We had a lot of fun and she enjoyed playing with her new baby. She’s done such a great job taking care of and feeding the baby, she shares all her snacks and makes sure she is covered with a blanket for bed. It’s been so sweet to watch this compassionate caring side of Breslyns personality (until she gets mad and throws it down the stairs haha) Thanks SO much to Triona who hand made signs, Grandma Braun for the blanket, Megan for letting me borrow the teepee and Great Grandpa Braun for the rocking chair and cradle!

Hope you enjoy!!


IMG_9430 IMG_9439 IMG_9425 IMG_9436 IMG_9493 IMG_9480 IMG_9476 IMG_9471 IMG_9455 IMG_9451 IMG_9449 IMG_9448 IMG_9446 IMG_9444 IMG_9442 IMG_9418 IMG_9415 IMG_9433Even Dad made it into the shoot! He’s such an amazing father and I can’t wait to start this journey again with him and Breslyn. Baby Braun #2 coming soon!!!