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I’ve always enjoyed quotes. They’ve inspired me, encouraged me and often evoked a particular emotion or feeling. I find beauty and intrigue in the simplicity of their ability to capture my attention in just a simple phrase. Quotes tell a story. They are a verbal or written snapshot of a specific moment of time that can’t be redone or duplicated and yet when quoted have the ability to bring about those same emotions as when it first took place.

Photography is a vessel that allows me the privilege of capturing the moments that tell your story, a history, a personal unique and individual time that can’t be repeated or reproduced. My hope is that the story told in your photographs will allow you in years from now to share the original feelings your special day evoked with a world that otherwise wouldn’t have been able to experience it, feelings of pure joy, excitement, anticipation, pleasure, friendship and of love.

There is a story waiting to be told between each set of quotations and since pictures speaks a thousand words... let's give the world your stories.

I hope you enjoy the blog and seeing my work in a little more detail!

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November 30, 2017 in Cake Smash

This beautiful little lady just recently celebrated her FIRST birthday! Of course, we needed a cake to celebrate 🙂 Her mamma made this stunning cake, it couldn’t have been more perfect!

One day Ember will look back and wished she dove right in and devoured the cake! Like when else are we given a giant cake all to ourselves and told to go nuts? Haha. She tasted a few bites, didn’t like it and wanted nothing to do with it. It was pretty cute and it wasn’t for lack of trying to see if she’d go for  it. She cried. You’d never know it though cause we got some pretty cute smiles. Maybe she just didn’t want to wreck the stunning cake? I know I’d of had a hard time.

Hope you had a super sweet first birthday Ember!

Adalyn was so precious, I don’t think I’d ever seen someone enjoy their cake as lady like as she did, she literally ate it one finger at a time! It was so sweet!

Here are a few of my favorite shots of Aiden’s cake smash. His cake was on point! He had a few tears at the begging but it sure didn’t take him long to warm up before he devoured that cake!

Cassie was adorable for her first birthday smash! She was all smiles and and I could have squeezed her cheeks the whole time!

I don’t think Judah could get any cuter! He rocked his cake smash, even though at the beginning we didn’t think he’d end up smashing it too much…. by the end there was nothing left!!

Happy birthday little man!!

IMG_1870-copy IMG_1872-copy IMG_1876-copy IMG_1890-copy IMG_1904-copy IMG_1913-copy IMG_1916-copy IMG_1917-copy IMG_1924-copy IMG_1926-copy IMG_1928-copy IMG_1929-copy IMG_1932-copy IMG_1942-copy IMG_1953-copy IMG_1983-copy IMG_2009-copy IMG_2026-copy IMG_2038-copy IMG_2061-copy IMG_2093-copy

When Mom called and asked if I was available to do a gender reveal cake smash, to say I was excited was an understatement! What an awesome idea!!!! Cailen was the most expressive munchkin ever and had an absolute blast. I was honoured to be a part of sharing your exciting news! I can wait to meet him or her in November!!!

And drum roll please……….

gender01 gender02 gender04 gender03 gender17  gender13 gender15 gender06 gender07 gender11 gender12 gender14 gender22 gender16 gender18 gender20 gender23 gender21 gender19

So many Birthdays! I love it!! Meet Tori,  she’s my Sister in Laws Sisters Daughter – haha! I had the pleasure of going up to Medicine Hat to visit family and while we were there took some time to do another cake smash. Mom really liked the banner and outfit Breslyn wore for her and it matched the colors for Tori’s nursery perfectly so she asked if I could use it again. The cake this time was a little different and I thought the layers of color were super pretty, mom shared a bite with me after and it was quite delicious too!

We got a couple photos of the siblings before Tori was unleashed, she enjoyed delicately poking a single finger into the icing before diving right in … at one point she started eating the icing off her arm!

Happy Birthday sweetheart! I hope you enjoyed your cake!

tori16 tori17 tori01 tori02 tori15 tori18 tori14 tori13 tori05 tori11 tori06 tori07 tori08 tori09 tori10 tori12 tori04 tori03

Rylee is one of the cutest most expressive kids I’ve ever met! Her mom and I were seriously hoping she’d smush her face into the cake (which she didn’t do) but then today at her birthday party she dove right into the cupcake face first … apparently she didn’t get the memo!

I could have photographed her for hours trying to get each one of her adorable faces, she was defiantly enjoying the amazing cupcake her mom made and was pretty sad when it was all over. Ok that’s a lie. Mom runs the dayhome that Breslyn goes to and the two have them have become quite the buds… Breslyn was being fussy and when she started to cry Rylee got some serious sympathy tears, so she isn’t crying because she ate way to much cake and we were finishing the session… but we’ll just pretend it was haha.

Happy first birthday Rylee! You made it VERY hard to choose the photos to share today!

rylee00 rylee01 rylee02 rylee03 rylee04 rylee07 rylee05 rylee06 rylee08 rylee09 rylee10 rylee11 rylee12 rylee13 rylee15 rylee14 rylee16

Cake smashes are so much fun! I don’t know who enjoyed it more… the birthday boy or me! Sawyer LOVED the cake, especially the icing and after a couple curious pokes it didn’t take him long to dive right in. His mamma asked him to blow bubbles on the top and he just about got close enough to get his face right in. He didn’t want us to miss out either, he’d take a bite and try to share a bite – it was super cute!

Happy birthday little man!

sawyer01 sawyer02 sawyer05 sawyer03 sawyer10 sawyer04 sawyer11 sawyer12 sawyer13 sawyer14 sawyer15 sawyer06 sawyer16 Sawyer17