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I’ve always enjoyed quotes. They’ve inspired me, encouraged me and often evoked a particular emotion or feeling. I find beauty and intrigue in the simplicity of their ability to capture my attention in just a simple phrase. Quotes tell a story. They are a verbal or written snapshot of a specific moment of time that can’t be redone or duplicated and yet when quoted have the ability to bring about those same emotions as when it first took place.

Photography is a vessel that allows me the privilege of capturing the moments that tell your story, a history, a personal unique and individual time that can’t be repeated or reproduced. My hope is that the story told in your photographs will allow you in years from now to share the original feelings your special day evoked with a world that otherwise wouldn’t have been able to experience it, feelings of pure joy, excitement, anticipation, pleasure, friendship and of love.

There is a story waiting to be told between each set of quotations and since pictures speaks a thousand words... let's give the world your stories.

I hope you enjoy the blog and seeing my work in a little more detail!

It’s about time! Just kidding. Laura and Kyle are expecting their first baby!!!! They live just around the corned from me and we’ve talked forever about mat leaves together and having kids close in age and able to run down the street to each others houses and it’s finally happening! Can you tell I’m excited?! Laura thinks it’s a boy…. but shes always been wrong on her guesses haha, so I’m going to say it’s a girl just cause she is so sure! She did a great job training their dog buddy to “kiss” her belly!

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