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I completely understand. Drop me a note, on the right, and I’ll reply back with answers to any questions or comments you may have.

In order to give my utmost to your family and mine, I only accept a limited number of sessions per month. This means you are personally cared for during this entire process as I have set aside ample time for you and your family.

It is easiest to contact me and reserve a session in advance of your baby's birth since newborns are optimally photographed between day 5-10 after birth.However, if time has escaped you, please contact me as I will do my best to accommodate you.

Thank you! I look forward to having the opportunity to serve you in this wonderful time!



p.s. I am VERY timely with replies, so if you do not hear back from me within 1-2 days, please call me or try again (in case spam mail has taken your message hostage). 403-874-5936


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