How to use Pixieset


This is a wonderful tool that we use to deliver your final edited images. No more waiting on CDs or USB drives! Now that your session is complete, you'll be able to use the link and 4-digit pin number customized for your personal gallery. Your gallery will be up for 30 days, and is password protected.


Images are watermarked for display and proofing purposes. Your downloads will not be watermarked.


  1. Simply click on the link provided to you into your browser.
  2. Enter the gallery password provided to you in the email.

You will see one large cover photo with the name of your gallery. As you scroll down, you will see your images below the larger cover photo and gallery information. Now you can see your entire collection and begin to share!


Sharing from the gallery helps to preserve our copyright and the quality of the image. Please do not post low quality screenshots of photos on social media.

You are more than welcome to share your personalized gallery with friends and family, be sure to include the password so they can enter the gallery.

To share, simply hover over the “share” icon to see the options! You can share the whole gallery or individual photos to a number of social media outlets.

If they have permission to download, please also provide the pin #.

Please note - DO NOT give friends and family your coupon code as this will subtract from your included images if used. Only provide the link, password and pin with friends and family. Should they choose to download any images they will be required to purchase them.


Click the heart icon to mark your favorite images. This is an easy way to track for yourself, as well as showing me what you like.


If you've purchased a package that includes images, once you've favorited your included amount, simply return to your favorite list and add them to your cart. Once in your cart you can check out, should you chose more than your included number of photos from the session you'll be prompted to purchase the rest upon checkout.

Alternatively you can add photos to your cart one at a time without favoriting them first. To purchase additional images above the included amount, add as many as you'd like to your cart by clicking "buy photo" once you proceed to checkout enter your coupon code, this will discount your included images and you'll see the balance for the remainder.

To purchase the entire gallery, add one photo to your cart by clicking "buy photo" when the pop up comes up choose "Complete Session Download (High Res NO watermark)" click the + sign to add 1 and continue.


Once you check out you will be redirected to a new screen and prompted to enter your email and the 4-digit pin, a link will be sent to the address provided.

Once you receive the e-mail, click the link to begin the download. Make sure to let the file fully download before attempting to extract it. Your files will download as a “zipped” folder. Right-click and select 'Extract All' to unzip the folder and access the individual JPEGS.

For more detailed instructions, for how to un-zip your folder of images click one of the following links:

MAC "zip" file instructions PC "zip" file instructions