Nothing is more magical than welcoming a new baby into your family. The tiny, delicate fingers and toes; the precious, soft skin; the certainty that this is a love unlike any you have known. You are certain that your life will never be the same.

These moments pass so quickly. It is a privilege for us to preserve this special milestone for you and your family to remember forever.Everyone who has been a parent knows that those early days go by in the blink of an eye. The things you treasure so much – the smell of a baby’s skin, the feel of his or her little body cuddled against yours – become distant but cherished memories as your children quickly change and grow.

Let us be there at the beginning of your little one’s journey to capture this time of beauty and innocence in professional photographs that you and your loved ones will treasure.


I leave space in my schedule for newborns but in order to ensure a session when you baby is born please call while you are pregnant to book and make arrangements for the session to take place after your babies birth. Booking ahead of time allows me to note your due date on my calendar and make sure space is available for you once your little one arrives. Newborns are photgraphed with in the first 10 days of life – days 6-8 are usually the best for capturing newborns while they are still bendy enough to easily pose.

Every session is unique to your child. Newborn sessions are slow paced with a lot of feeding and soothing. It’s not unusual for a newborn session to take upwards of 3 hours.


So soon after giving birth, sitting for a photo shoot might be the last thing on your mind. You’re sleep-deprived, and you’re also uncertain about how you look after everything your body has been through. Believe me when I say that it’s worth putting those feelings aside for portraits of you with your newborn baby. This is such a special time, and it will pass so quickly. You’ll want to capture the bond of love between you and your little one in a set of breathtaking portraits. For the photo shoot, wear clothing that is simple, with solid colors. Avoid patterns, which can distract from the main subjects – you and your baby. White, black, charcoal grey or soft pink are good choices, and most moms find that long sleeves are the most flattering.


When it comes to dressing a newborn baby for a photo shoot, I suggest keeping it simple. Often, the best newborn portraits are those in which the baby is wearing nothing at all. If you’d prefer not to go that route, choose clothing that will not distract attention from your little one, such as a simple white onesie or a soft swaddling wrap. You want your little bundle – not their outfit – to be the star of the show. I have a selection of blankets, other items you can use for the session, or you may choose to bring your own.